See how Flatiron is used in production

See how Flatiron is used as part of production pipelines for film and games.

Illuminating scenes with Flatiron

Learn more about usage of FlatIron in the process of creating illumination stages and reflection maps. Scene baking of large parts of the background movie shots leads to imense time savings by rendering with no visible quality loss.

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Paradum Games production coverage

Blake Robinson from Paradum Games and Igor Posavec from 3d-io chat about independent game development, Multivaders, level editors, texture baking in games and all the sweet and sour things through which an indie developer goes every day.

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Full level texture baking in Nintendo Wii development

Levels for the 3rd person action adventure Quanta were baked with Flatiron to provide enhanced image quality within the confines of the Nintendo Wii video memory.

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