3d-io has just released compatibility updates, feature improvements and fixes for Flatiron texture baking software. Flatiron is now officially released for the Autodesk Product Suite 2016. Customers can download free update from their user area while a demo version for testing can be downloaded here:

FlatIron 2.13.00 download

FlatIron V2.13 update

Flatiron 2.13.00

• Added support for Autodesk 3ds Max 2016.
• Improved handling of unwrapped objects when they get copied. Flatiron now tries to automatically provide copies of created unwrap groups for copied objects. This allows copies to baked instantly after copying without having to unwrap them separately.
• Materials and Textures created by Flatiron now receive names to make their use in the material editor more convenient.
• Flatiron Modifier is no longer visible in Add Modifier ui to avoid accidental adding.
• Fixed a bug where merged data from multipass rendering could end up with the wrong gamma setting.
• Prevented a crash caused by invalid Editable Poly objects.
• Various minor fixes to improve unwrap results of objects with problematic mesh topology.
• Added MAXScript function to list all objects in an unwrap group.
• Added MAXScript function to rename an unwrap group.
• MAXScript get/set element parameter value handled the data incorrectly for some parameters.