FlatIron 2.23

Flatiron’s 2.34 free update comes with some great news for 3D artists: the UV-packing speed has been massively increased! Especially scenes consisting of many UV shells are packed up to 10 times faster.

3D scenes with 100.000 and more faces and dozens or hundreds of UV shells can force many UV-packers to their knees. Flatiron 2.34 has been optimized to easily deal with these large scale calculations. Pack your architecture, industrial structures or game levels in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Flatiron 2.23 Projection UV Unwrapping

Free update:

Flatiron 2.34 is free for all customers and can be downloaded from the customer area.

Play the demo Version:

If you still do not own Flatiron, check the DEMO and compare it to your current workflow speed.