Full Scene Texture Baking for 3ds Max
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Full Scene Texture Baking

Flatiron is a unique render-to-texture plugin for Autodesk’s 3ds Max. It is capable of baking full scenes or selections of objects into a single UV Map with a few clicks. Flatiron is a fast, simple, configurable automatic unwrapping and baking solution that massively accelerates baking complex scenes.

News & Updates

Flatiron 2.40 for 3ds Max 2021

Flatiron 2.40 for 3ds Max 2021

Flatiron 2.40 has been updated to support Autodesk 3ds Max 2021. The new release comes also with with additional fixes and improvements.Customers can download the latest free update from Customer Download Area.If you want to check if Flatiron fits your production...

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Flatiron 2.39: Vray-RT support

Flatiron 2.39: Vray-RT support

The latest Flatiron 2.39 Release comes with new renderer support and improvments: Add support for VRay-RT. Flatiron 2.39 renders now textures with Vray 3.7 RT and Vray Next RT renderer Improve compatibility with certain older Xeon CPUs All registered...

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Texture Baking with Corona – In-Depth Tutorial

Texture Baking with Corona – In-Depth Tutorial

New Tutorial  added to our training material. This time it covers the complete texture baking process of managing, unwrapping, baking and exporting the whole scene done with Corona Renderer. Visit our Training Material or jump directly to Youtube video:...

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Go realtime 3D

Unwrap and bake multiple objects into a single texture map with just few clicks.
Crunch texture size and optimize your visualizations for Realtime 3D machines.

Who it’s for

Flatiron is best suited for video game developers, architetcs, 3D artists and product designers.


Flatiron can be used with all 3ds Max integrated renderers that have texture baking support. No matter if you use Scanline, Mental-Ray or plug-ins like V-Ray or FinalRender, Flatiron will work with all their render elements.


Our customers



Automatic UV packing
for 3ds Max

Full scene texture baking


Full scene texture baking
for 3ds Max



Organic skinning
for 3ds Max and Maya

Automatic UV unwrap


Automatic unwrapping
for 3ds Max

Free OpenEXR tools for Photoshop


Free OpenEXR tool
for Photoshop

Speed up your productions with Flatiron!

Check out the demo version of Flatiron to experience the workflow improvements with your own scenes.