Flatiron is currently the only solution for Autodesk 3ds Max which is able to bake whole scenes with thousands of objects into textures – in a single pass!

Evermotion.org, well-known for their unique 3d Model Archives, excellent news and tutorials, has published a review about Flatiron (version 1). We invite you to take a look at some independent thoughts about the strengths of our software and how to use it for your productions.

Flatiron is very powerful tool, it is a lot more advanced than standard unwrap engine in 3ds max.
With a few clicks You can unwrapp uv-s and bake selected maps, like for example ambient map or diffuse color map.
When you want to make an animated scene, baking all surfaces to complete texture will reduce rendering time. The render engine does not have to calculate each frame separately, so nothing will flicker.

Read here the full Evermotion Flatiron review:

Evermotion Flatiron Review

Flatiron 2.0 costs EUR 299,- and can be purchased at http://www.3d-plugin.com/product/flatiron.
Flatiron 2.0 is a free update for all existing customers of previous Flatiron versions.
For more information please visit https://www.texturebaking.com.

• Microsoft .NET 2.0 installed
• Microsoft DirectX 9.0c (August 2008)

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